EPD is a high-tech, full service product development firm.

We are devoted to providing uncompromised quality and service at a competitve cost. We have the skill and expertise to develop your product to its fullest potential. We believe that products are only complete when styling, function, ergonomics, economics, ecology and manufacturing are fully balanced.

From concept to manufacturing, we can make your product a reality. We use state-of-the-art computer aided design and engineering to develop your product, and the latest in material and process technologies to prototype and manufacture your product.

We've worked in many different industries that span from architectural components, automated equipment, automotive parts and products, bicycles and components, consumer appliances and electronics, furniture, luggage, marine products, medical products, snowboards and other sport-related products, toys and vending machines, just to name a few.

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We offer conceptualization, ideation, product design, engineering and design consulting services.

We believe that although styling is crucial, styling is nothing but art if the product doesn't perform.

Using our extensive knowledge of most manufacturing process and  materials, we infuse the visual concept with a realistic approach to function, assembly, material choice, manufacturing technique, and push the envelope whenever possible.

We use 3D computer aided design and engineering via SolidWorks®  to develop your concept into a fully functional, manufacturable, marketable product.

We offer 2D to 3D CAD conversion services (we can build your model from 2D CAD or even a sketch on paper) and also photorealistic Rendering using PhotoWorks®

During the development process we breadboard and test to prove and improve the design.

Included in the development is any electro-mechanical design engineering, PCB design and IC or PCB programming necessary to complete your product.

We integrate form and function with ergonomics, economics, manufacturability and sustainability to create a robust design that will make your product stand above the competition.


SLA and CNC machined prototypes in as little as 3 days.

What's the difference? With us, you communicate with a human, not a computer-cluster. CNC parts in plastic, aluminum, zinc, brass and more.

Rapid-Tooling & Rapid Injection Molding (bridge-to-production):

We can build class-4 and class-5 injection molds and injection mold engineering-resin plastic parts in quantities of 1 to 20,000, in as little as 2 weeks.

Urethane Parts:

Low-volume production plastic and rubber parts cast from low cost and quick-turn tooling, great for larger parts, pilot runs and low-volume products.

We use SLA, CNC machined patterns, or sculpture patterns to make patterns for RTV silicone and composite molds.

We cast urethanes in rigid 40D to 95D, elastomeric from 15A to 85A.

RTV silicones are used to make parts as well.

Resins can be filled or unfilled for differing properties.

Patterns can be textured so cast parts have production-like texture.

Parts are either cast to finish color, painted to match or metalized.

1-4 week lead-time, depending on complexity, size and quantity.



We can vacuum or pressure form complex shapes as well as domes, spheres in clear and colored acrylic and other plastics.


Machining and turning of nearly any part in plastics, foam and metals.


We cut, drill, fab and weld or braze metal structures in nearly any size and any alloy, including aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Composite parts and structures:

Complex hollow-core, foam-core composite shapes in glass, carbon and kevlar, using hand layup or infusion layup (SCRIM) in the latest urethane or epoxy resins.

Dynamic Prototyping (our specialty)

Utilizing a combination of plastics, metals, electronics and whatever necessary to make your fully functional prototypes, that look, feel and work like a production product.

Manufacturing of a product could involve as many as 6 or more vendors.

We have a strategic alliance with on-shore and off-shore manufacturing companies to offer you hassle-free tooling and production of your product, so you can concentrate your energy on marketing or other aspects of your business.

You have complete control of what country your product is manufactured in and assembled in. We broker and manage the manufacturing, so you don't have to.

We can even set up packaging, warehousing and shipping for you, so you can run your business as a virtual enterprise.

Whether injection molding, rotational molding, die casting, stamping, electronic assemblies, or all of the above, we can facilitate it. We also strategically divide work between our factories to ensure intellectual security.

One call is all you have to make when you have a question.

One payment is all you have to make to cover all expenses, at a very competitive price.


We offer help to inventors in the form of consultation, development,  prototyping and manufacturing. We charge for services rendered, like going to any other professional service. You get tangible results.

We don't market or patent ideas. We can refer you to those who do.

We don't make any claims that we can place your product in a big-box store. Companies who make those kinds of claims and promises are very misleading at best. Better to buy a lotto ticket. We have two clients in litigation with invention submission type companies. Be very wary using companies like that. They will charge you for air and empty promises.

Inventor Hint 1:

An NDA (non-disclosure agreement) can be just as binding and easier to defend in a court of law. If someone won't sign an NDA, walk away.

Don't run out and patent your idea just because you and everyone in your family thinks it's a good idea. File a provisional patent first. A provisional patent is relatively cheap and will give you 1 year to do your due diligence in patent searches and basic product development.

Most importantly, do your product development and patent searches to make sure you're not wasting your time and money. Then hire someone to develop and prototype your product.

Hopefully it will be us, but even if it isn't, I hope the above info helps. Once you've proven your idea works and you want to go forward with it, file for your patent.

Inventor Hint 2:

Don't get greedy. If you are trying to license your idea to someone else, understand that (big or small) they are taking a huge gamble on your idea. They are likely to walk away if you ask for a huge amount of money up front. Take a smaller amount up front and a royalty over time. Everyone wins.

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